CBBM/BMF Administration

The CBBM executive office manages rooms in the CBBM Research Center and the BMF building. Requests for access cards and locking authorizations can be made using the following functional email addresses:

Regarding the CBBM: cbbm(at)uni-luebeck.de 
Regarding the BMF: bmf(at)uni-luebeck.de

Failure reports

Technical malfunctions in the research buildings can be reported here: https://focusinside.uni-luebeck.de/forms/gebaeudetechnikstoerung

Information and Downloads

► CBBM/BMF guidelines with instructions on how to apply for access cards and authorizations (in German).

► Employees in research (List of all staff members: Mitarbeitende_Forschung.xlsx)

► CBBM-BMF application for access authorization/access card (CBBM-BMF_access_application.docx)

Further Downloads

► Houserules of the University of Lübeck (UzL)

► Closing Guidelines of the University of Lübeck (UzL)

► Info Guest Scientists

CBBM Meeting Rooms

For CBBM research groups, meeting rooms (maximum 20 persons) are available for regular group meetings. Inquiries must be made via the online form HERE.

CBBM Seminar Rooms

Seminar rooms are available on the CBBM ground floor. Reservations are made after consultation with the CBBM office via UnivIS by the UnivIS representatives of the respective institutes/clinics!

BMF Seminar Rooms

Seminar rooms are available on the 4th floor of the BMF. Reservation requests can be made via an online form HERE.