Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience Lab

Department of Neurology

Group Members

Ulrike M. Krämer (Group leader)
Martin Göttlich (Postdoc)
Elinor Tzvi (Postdoc)
Miriam Neis (PhD student)
Juliana Wiechert (PhD student)
Matthias Liebrand (Postdoc)
Macià Buades Rotger (PhD student)
Susanne Schellbach (Technician)

Research Interests

Our research focuses on different topics in the field of cognitive and affective neurosciences. We are interested in the neural and neuroendocrine factors that explain inter-individual differences in the experience and control of anger and aggressive behavior. In this regard, we develop novel paradigms and methods to study social interactions within the constraints of an fMRI or EEG setting. We also investigate more classical topics of cognitive neuroscience, as action monitoring, cognitive control and motor learning and examine how these functions are affected by certain neurological or psychiatric diseases. Finally, a number of projects deal with the development and implementation of advanced analysis methods for fMRI and EEG. We use different methods from psychology and neurosciences (behavioral tests, fMRI, EEG, fNIRS, TMS) to address our research questions. 


  • Robert T. Knight, UC Berkeley
  • Anne-Kristin Solbakk, University of Oslo
  • Katja Bertsch, Heidelberg University Hospital
  • Karin Roelofs, Donders Institute Nijmegen

Latest Publications

  1. Beyer, F., Münte, T.F., Göttlich, M., & Krämer, U.M. (2015) Orbitofrontal cortex reactivity to angry facial expressions in a social interaction correlates with aggressive behavior Cerebral Cortex 25(9), 3057-63.
  2. Tzvi, E., Stoldt, A., Witt, K., & Krämer, U.M. (2015) Off-line consolidation alters the cortico-striatal-cerebellar network of a motor learning task: an fMRI study using dynamic causal modelling Neuroimage 122, 52-64.
  3. Göttlich, M., Krämer, U.M., Kordon, A., Hohagen, F., & Zurowski, B. (2014) Decreased limbic and increased fronto-parietal connectivity in un-medicated patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder Human Brain Mapping 35(11):5617-32
  4. Mohammadi, B., Kollewe, K., Cole, D.M., Fellbrich, A., Heldmann, M., Samii, A., Dengler, R., Petri, S., Münte, T.F., & Krämer, U.M. (2015) Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis affects cortical and subcortical activity underlying motor inhibition and action monitoring Human Brain Mapping 36, 2878-2889.
  5. Krämer, U.M., Solbakk, A.K., Funderud, I., Løvstad, M., Endestad, T., & Knight, R.T. (2013) The role of the lateral PFC in inhibitory motor control. Cortex, 49(3), 837-49.