Transdiagnostic Neuroscience

Translational Psychiatry Unit

Group Members

Rebekka Lencer, MD (Group Leader)
Claudia Lange, PhD
Jan-Ole Radecke (Post-doc)
Inga Meyhöfer, PhD (Post-doc)
Benjamin Tari (Guest Researcher)
Henrieke Hell (MD)
Hannah Stöckler (MD candidate)

Research Interests

We aim at a better understanding of neural and functional disease mechanisms involved in major psychiatric disorders by studying familial neurobiological markers such as alterations in eye movement control. Following a translational approach using knowledge from non-human primate studies, we are using novel methodological approaches from neurophysiology, brain imaging (fMRI, EEG, MEG), brain stimulation (tDCS, TMS), and molecular genetics both in healthy individuals and clinical patient populations. Alterations in biological markers are used to guide novel treatment approaches to be applied to specific clusters of biomarkers. In our more clinically focussed work, we are interested in processes enhancing treatment adherence based on cognitive behavioral therapy. 

Our most recent project funded by DFG: Multi-channel transcranial direct current stimulation (mc-tDCS): a novel approach to modulate smooth pursuit eye movement control in healthy individuals and patients with psychotic disorders (2021-2024).

Collaborations (selection of most recent)

  • Markus Lappe, University Münster
  • Carsten Wolters, University Münster
  • Nikos Koutsouleris, LMU Munich
  • John A. Sweeney, University of Cincinnati, USA
  • Su Lui, University of Chengdu, China


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see also pubmed link for R Lencer