Do, 30.09.2021
CBBM 2016-2021

Report online

Di, 07.12.2021
CBBM Lecture


Di, 14.12.2021
CBBM Lecture


Di, 18.01.2022
CBBM Lecture: RGLP-1 and Alzheimer’s Disease

by Lotte Bjerre Knudsen, Scientific Corporate Vice President in Global Drug Discovery at Novo...

Di, 01.02.2022
CBBM Lecture: Pathological changes in the microvasculature of the aging human brain

by Deniz Yilmazer-Hanke, Clinical Neuroanatomy, Neurology, University of Ulm

Di, 08.02.2022
CBBM Lecture

by Yuval Nir, Sagol School of Neuroscience, Department of Physiology and Pharmacology, Tel Aviv...

Do, 10.03.2022
Adipocyte-Brain Crosstalk Symposium 2022

Date: March 10-11, 2022