Events & News

Tue, 19-03-2019
CBBM Lecture "Dopaminergic modulation of learning and decision-making" by

Marc Guitart Masip, Associate professor, Aging Research Centre, Karolinska Institute

Tue, 19-02-2019
CBBM Lecture "Mechanisms of Social Attention" by

Prof. Dr. Matthias Gamer, Department of Psychology, University of Würzburg

Tue, 12-02-2019
CBBM Lecture "Hibernation – Life in the slow lane" by

Prof. Dr. Gerhard Heldmaier, Fachgebiet Stoffwechselphysiologie, University of Marburg

Tue, 05-02-2019
CBBM Lecture "How do we represent multiple observed actions and agents in our motor system?" by

Prof. Dr. Marcel Brass, Department of Experimental Psychology, Ghent University, Belgium

Tue, 29-01-2019
CBBM Lecture "Adipocyte derived extracellular vesicles are novel endocrine regulators of glucose homeostasis and predictors for metabolic function" by

PD Dr. Kerstin Stemmer (ERT), Head of Division of Pharmacology and Toxicology, Institute for...

Tue, 22-01-2019
CBBM Lecture "Curiosity under uncertainty in younger and older adults" by

Michiko Sakaki, PhD, School of Psychology & Clinical Language Sciences, University of Reading