Thursday 13, June 2019

Researchers from the University of Lübeck unravel the mechanisms behind the heat intolerance in hyperthyroidism

Activation of brown adipose tissue can have positive effects on obesity or Type II diabetes

Monday 26, March 2018

Open position for Technical Assistant

in the Institute of Neurobiology

Friday 09, February 2018

PhD Position Open !!!

in the Mittag Lab on Thyroid Hormone

Tuesday 01, August 2017

Dwarfism and Insulin Resistance as Consequence of Gestational Hypertension Treatment

Gestational hypertension is a common and serious complication, which can have severe consequences for mother and unborn child if left untreated. Unfortunately,...

Monday 31, July 2017

Hepatic gene therapy rescues high-fat diet responses in circadian Clock mutant mice

Monday 08, May 2017

Impact of nutrition on social decision making

Scientists at the University of Lübeck, Munich and London show that our daily meals have a strong impact on how we decide in social situations. The results of...

Monday 31, October 2016

11 PhD Positions in Neuroscience

are now open at Graduiertenkolleg GRK1957 „Adipocyte-Brain Crosstalk“, University of Lübeck

Tuesday 02, August 2016

Recovery Of Dopamine Function Emerges With Recovery From Smoking

Reports new study in Biological Psychiatry

Thursday 19, May 2016

I Need Friends

Human beings are strongly dependent on their social surroundings, and close bonds to other persons constitute a feature of our environment that is central for our psychological well-being and health (Kawachi, 2001). Correspondingly, social exclusion is an aversive situation which is associated with...

Monday 11, April 2016

Interpersonelle Attraktion: Wenn Hirne zueinander passen

Studie aus Lübeck, Berlin und Tübingen untersuchte erstmals die neuronalen Grundlagen interindividueller Unterschiede in der zwischenmenschlichen Anziehung

Thursday 31, March 2016

Open PhD Position

in Epigenetics and Metabolic Control

Monday 30, November 2015

3 PhD Positions in Experimental and Molecular Endocrinology

in the framework of SPP1629 Thyroid TransAct

Monday 16, November 2015

Journal Impact Factor is rewarding!

When researchers anticipate their own publications in scientific journals with high impact factor, the brain’s reward center is activated.

Wednesday 28, October 2015


Die nächste CBBM-Mitgliederversammlung findet am 28. Oktober 2015 von 16:00 bis 17:00 Uhr statt. Ort und Tagesordnungspunkte werden zeitnah bekannt gegeben.

Wednesday 09, September 2015

Sixfold Success for Thyroid Research in Lübeck

German Research Council provides funding for projects in Lübeck with a total volume of 2.5 Mio € for the next 3 years

Thursday 18, June 2015

Menarini Award 2015: The non-shivering energy burning on the trail

Prof. Sebastian Schmid was honored for his obesity research in Brown Adipose Tissue (BAT) with the Menarini Award 2015

Tuesday 16, June 2015

Medical Award for Markus Schwaninger and Nina Wettschureck

Scientists from the University of Lübeck and the Max Planck Institute in Bad Nauheim are honored for their research on the mechanisms of action of a new therapy for multiple sclerosis

Monday 23, February 2015


Montag 23.2. 2015, 16:30 bis 18:00 Uhr im Turmgebäude Hörsaal 1

Friday 16, January 2015

Landtagsabgeordnete am CBBM

Mitglieder des Landtags besichtigten sie den Neubau des Centers of Brain, Behavior and Metabolism.

Tuesday 06, January 2015

Der Bau, der bei der Uni-Rettung half

Die Lübecker Nachrichten berichten.

Wednesday 31, December 2014

Deadline extended: Call for Abstracts DGE2015 / 58. Symposium Deutsche Gesellschaft für Endokrinologie

will take place from 18-21 March 2015 in Lübeck. All the students are welcome to present their latest results in this high-level symposium. More info here.

Wednesday 04, December 2013

CBBM Richtfest

Richtfest für den Neubau des interdisziplinären Zentrums für Gehirn, Hormone und Verhalten (Center of Brain, Behavior and Metabolism, CBBM) Universität zu Lübeck am Mittwoch, den 4. Dezember 2013, um 11:30 Uhr, Marie-Curie-Straße, 23562 Lübeck, Parkplatz „Hamburger Häuser“ vor dem...

Friday 22, November 2013

Neuer Sonderforschungsbereich (SFB) zum Essverhalten am CBBM

Die Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) bewilligt SFB/Transregio 134 „Essverhalten: Homöostase und Belohnungssysteme“

Monday 11, November 2013

Neues DFG-Graduiertenkolleg zu Stoffwechselerkrankungen am CBBM

3,2 Millionen Euro für die Forschung und den wissenschaftlichen Nachwuchs am Zentrum für Gehirn, Hormone und Verhalten der Universität zu Lübeck

Tuesday 06, August 2013

CBBM Mitgliederversammlung

Veranstalter: CBBM Dienstag, 6.8.2013: 15:00 - 16:00 Uhr Ort: Audimax Seminarraum AM S 1

Tuesday 05, March 2013

DFG On-Site Review

The assessment of the SFB 654 ("plasticity and sleep") for its third four-year period of funding will take place on Tuesday 5.3.2013 morning (9:30h-13h) in the AudiMax building.

Monday 19, March 2012

Spatenstich zum CBBM Neubau

Erster Spatenstich für den Neubau des interdisziplinären Zentrums für Gehirn, Hormone und Verhalten (CBBM) an der Universität zu Lübeck am Montag, 19. März 2012 (12 Uhr s.t., Marie-Curie-Strasse, Parkplatz Haus 63)