CBBM – Five years in the new building

Onsite-Postersession and Online-Symposium 30.9. - 1.10.2021

Thursday, 30.09.2021 (Onsite)
Venue: CBBM Lobby

16.00  Poster session
18.00  Pizza sponsored by PIs

Friday, 01.10.2021 (Online Video meeting)
             Event number: 2731 577 7739, Event password: w5CJJ4Rii58

Session I – Brain and behavior
Chair: Ulrike Krämer, Stefan Borgwardt

9.00 Wellcome - Markus Schwaninger
9.05 Keynote lecture - Christiane Thiel: Cholinergic modulation of attentional networks in the human brain
9.35 Lea-Maria Schmitt: The event-based hierarchy of cortical speech prediction
9.50 Jannik Prasuhn: Locus coeruleus imaging as a biomarker for behavioral and neuropsychiatric traits in Parkinson’s disease
10.05 Break

Session II – Brain and endocrine system
Chair: Jens Mittag, Markus Schwaninger

10.15 Keynote lecture - Vincent Prevot: Tanycytes control feeding and metabolism
10.45 Mariana Astiz: The early ticking of the circadian clock
11.00 Riccardo Dore: Central actions of thyroid hormone in control of cardiac functions
11.15 Break

Session III – Brain and metabolism
Chair: Henrik Oster, Henriette Kirchner

11.30 Keynote lecture - Charlotte Helfrich-Förster: The circadian clock in the brain, sleep-wake rhythms and metabolic demands of fruit flies
12.00 Jan Wenzel: Small vessel disease in COVID-19
12.15 Christin Krause: Epigenetic regulation of glucose tolerance
12.30 End of symposium

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