CBBM Lecture "The state is the art - Perspectives of state informed transcranial brain stimulation"

by Prof. Dr. Hartwig R. Siebner,

Centre for Functional and Diagnostic Imaging & Research,

Hvidovre Hospital,

University of Copenhagen

will take place on Tuesday, February 28, 2017 from 17:15 to 18:15 hours in CBBM Building, EG, Room 50/51.

Host: Prof. Christine Klein

Institute of Neurogenetics
University of Lübeck


Non-invasive transcranial brain stimulation (NTBS) is widely used to induce network plasticity in order to improve human brain function. The plasticity-inducing effects of NTBS show substantial intra- and inter-individual variability. State-related determinants contribute to this variability, challenging the standard approach to apply NTBS in a rigid, one-size-fits-all fashion. In my talk, I will discuss how the state-dependency of NTBS can be effectively used to boost the impact of NTBS on the targeted brain networks.



Hartwig R. Siebner is professor for Functional Neuroimaging at the University of Copenhagen and head of the Danish Research Centre for Magnetic Resonance (DRCMR).  He maps, manipulates, and models the causal dynamics of brain networks. To this end, he combines advanced functional and structural brain imaging with interventional protocols (e.g., NTBS, pharmacological challenges, or training). He uses this combined intervention-mapping approach to gain novel insights into human brain plasticity and the pathophysiology of neurological and psychiatric disorders.